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I know I'm a bit late with this, but we really oughtta have a place we can talk privately, so... here.
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Hey — I was hoping we could have a chat.
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Hey -- I know I'm a bit late getting this post up, sorry. Hope the Shepherd doesn't mind.
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Given that it looks likely that we'll be focusing on the first clue again tomorrow, I'd like to hear your side of things.
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Since it looks like it'll be between you and Garrus tomorrow, I'd like to have a chat.
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Okay, so, counseling! Narumi has Eridan Ampora, Mindy Macready, and Necoco, and Mitsuko has Kiden Nixon, Azuma Wataru, and Kairi.

Let us talk about planning and schedules! I am a denizen of Australasian Hour (specifically, I'm on Japan time) and I am around pretty much all day on the weekends, but during the week I'm available only for a few hours in the evening (which would be early mornings for Americans).
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So, Tuesday night I was, if not super-involved in the plot, at least relatively involved, threading with a lot of people and going "man, this plot is fun, I am looking forward to participating in its exciting conclusion tomorrow!" And then last night I went out and got back late, when the post was already well underway, and I couldn't figure out what was going on or where I should be commenting and I was too tired to stay up much longer anyway. So I pretty much missed out on the whole thing.

However, I would like to assume that Narumi and Katsuya did some mutant-fighting last night just as they'd previously planned to do and are up to date on all the plot developments that they could reasonably know about.

Momoko, meanwhile, spent the whole time hiding in one of the safe areas with her fingers in her ears and her eyes closed pretending nothing was happening, so she (not unlike me) doesn't know what the fuck.
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Calling a retroactive (and ongoing, probably for a few more days) hiatus due to (minor, but annoying) illness — so on the off chance anyone was wondering where I've been for the past week-ish, that'd be it. I will try to pick up threads as soon as I can think again.
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We have been having massive storms in my area lately, and the power was out yesterday and most of today. It's back now, but my internet is still on the fritz (I'm leeching right now, but the signal strength is terrible and I keep getting disconnected, so...) Hopefully it will be fixed soon! In the meantime, well, that's where I've disappeared to. Sorry to anyone to whom I owe a tag.
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adorable Japanese fanfic is adorable

... and my translation sucks because I did it in about 40 minutes and haven't edited it, but whatever.

Raidou + kittens + baby Gdon + world-hopping antics )
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Or maybe not. But since the beginning of chapter 3 I've been taking random disjointed notes on my thoughts as I go (mostly pertaining to Narumi, surprisingly enough), and I am sticking them here because I can.

Chapter 3 )

Chapter 4 )
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A more obsessed fangirl than I has figured out that the gun Narumi uses is probably the first one on this page. I have no idea why this would ever be relevant in camp, but there's the link just in case I need it later.
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